Phở 111


A Vietnamese Cuisine restaurant in Lacey, WA

Why Phở 111?

When coming up with our name we thought, "Why not make it simple?" You can easily find us right off I-5 at Exit 111!

One of our goals is to make one of the clearest ph broths as possible through beef bones. A process that takes at least 10 hours in hopes that every bowl served makes you feel warm, cozy, and full.

Staff Favorites

Sesame Balls - Bánh Cam

Freshly fried bites of goodness made every morning filled with mung bean paste.

*Limited supplies depending on the day

Stone Bowl Phở - Phở Thố Đá

A new take on your typical bowl of ph. Now in a stone bowl to bring a new experience and make sure your soup never cools down!

Find Us Here

8765 Tallon Ln NE STE N, 

Lacey, WA, 98513

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

11 AM - 7 PM


11 AM - 5 PM

Contact Us

Phone: (360) 742-3753


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